Monday, April 20, 2009

Potted Plant... get it?

I found this on the internet... just a good example of a potted plant. LOL.

Look at the Flickr Page

There are some pretty funny fuckers commenting on this photo. A few of my faves:

Eggybird says:
What a beautiful plant - never seen this before what is it :) he he!

Pretty funny Eggybird... Yeah! What is that plant?! Haha.

Ole Reidar Johansen says:
Nice colors. I miss the Netherlands every now and then.

Yeah Ole Reidar... I miss the Netherlands to... but why are you commenting that on a picture of a normal everyday potted plant? Nice.

Hoodz, aka Fritz the Cat, bka Mr. Kalliefornia Luv says:

Marijuana SHOULD so be legal!!!

Whoa Hoodz! Who said anything about Marijauna... that shit's illegal! I thought we were just happy this plant was in a pot. lol.


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