Monday, April 20, 2009

A Blog about Pot

Hey mans,

So I guess I started this blog as a tribute to Pot... you know what I'm talking about... cooking pots, potted plants, pot stickers... you know? Cause I love pots... so I decided to start a blog about it.

One thing this is definitely not about is that marijuana junk the kids are doing today... I've never done it (haha)... it's against the law, right? So any police reading this, don't worry... alright pigs? This is just a blog about cooking pots (haha). If you need help weeding out the bad guys I'm not one of them. Just an average american living in the suburbs who loves to be a slave to the man. 9 to 5 average joe, that's me. Just a tool who likes to take care of his garden and make sure his grass is taken care of.

Eat it NYPD.


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