Monday, April 20, 2009


10 Exciting (and totally not illegal) things you can do on 4/20, just another average day (lol):

1. Take care of your potted plants.
2. Go out and play outside in the grass.
3. Fly to India and hang out near the ganges river.
4. Hang out with your girlfriend Mary Jane.
5. Do some gardening and focus on your weeds.
6. Get all native american and send some smoke signals to your pals.
7. Climb to the top of a mountain so you're high.
8. Walk to the coast and look at the reef... reefer madness, am I right?
9. Hang out with your ex-wife and your son to practice your joint custody.
10. Have a really hard day so fill up your bath tub to relax. Better fill it up with bubbler bath.

Man I'm so fucking clever.

Potted Plant... get it?

I found this on the internet... just a good example of a potted plant. LOL.

Look at the Flickr Page

There are some pretty funny fuckers commenting on this photo. A few of my faves:

Eggybird says:
What a beautiful plant - never seen this before what is it :) he he!

Pretty funny Eggybird... Yeah! What is that plant?! Haha.

Ole Reidar Johansen says:
Nice colors. I miss the Netherlands every now and then.

Yeah Ole Reidar... I miss the Netherlands to... but why are you commenting that on a picture of a normal everyday potted plant? Nice.

Hoodz, aka Fritz the Cat, bka Mr. Kalliefornia Luv says:

Marijuana SHOULD so be legal!!!

Whoa Hoodz! Who said anything about Marijauna... that shit's illegal! I thought we were just happy this plant was in a pot. lol.


I was always high growing up

I was sooooo high... I just checked and I was consistently 430 feet above sea level.

HA! So high coppers! I was sooooo high!

I'm so fucking funny.

A Blog about Pot

Hey mans,

So I guess I started this blog as a tribute to Pot... you know what I'm talking about... cooking pots, potted plants, pot stickers... you know? Cause I love pots... so I decided to start a blog about it.

One thing this is definitely not about is that marijuana junk the kids are doing today... I've never done it (haha)... it's against the law, right? So any police reading this, don't worry... alright pigs? This is just a blog about cooking pots (haha). If you need help weeding out the bad guys I'm not one of them. Just an average american living in the suburbs who loves to be a slave to the man. 9 to 5 average joe, that's me. Just a tool who likes to take care of his garden and make sure his grass is taken care of.

Eat it NYPD.