Monday, April 20, 2009


10 Exciting (and totally not illegal) things you can do on 4/20, just another average day (lol):

1. Take care of your potted plants.
2. Go out and play outside in the grass.
3. Fly to India and hang out near the ganges river.
4. Hang out with your girlfriend Mary Jane.
5. Do some gardening and focus on your weeds.
6. Get all native american and send some smoke signals to your pals.
7. Climb to the top of a mountain so you're high.
8. Walk to the coast and look at the reef... reefer madness, am I right?
9. Hang out with your ex-wife and your son to practice your joint custody.
10. Have a really hard day so fill up your bath tub to relax. Better fill it up with bubbler bath.

Man I'm so fucking clever.


  1. dont get this?

    hi i googled for jpoint custody bcuz my wife is making me get it but wat is this and plz explan joint custody?

  2. what about

    11. Smoke WEED and get HIGH/STONED?